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Brigitte Charland

 Last update:  April 10th, 2020
in the following menus;

The SPRING session is on hold because of Covid19, check here to have more details soon.

Here is the FIRST place you should  LOOK to know what content has changed, or been added, in the different menus of the watercolor school, the schedules for courses at different levels, the watercolors for sale and small paintings, and the educational section of step-by-step demos, tricks and tips and techniques of mixing colors of Brigitte Charland.
In the section pigments, you will find helpfull informations on the methods of fabrication, the chemicals and their interactivity important for watercolorists.
You can look at more than 40 watercolors already sold in the section  enjoy.
You can find out about my  artistic path and some testamonials in the artist.

You can reach me


Where to buy DANIEL SMITH's pigments

 DANIEL SMITH's pigments are available at Biblairie GGC or at

or consult my page the pigments  to get a lot more information.


my Smith palette

Here is my Masterson palette with my DANIEL SMITH pigments. It is set-up for a left handed.

Please, when you buy a palette, do not scratch the mixing areas with sand paper like some poeple do. It is made soft and shiny to mix easier and clean-up without staining.

In SUMMER, with big variations of temperature, hot and humid temps could make your palette grow mildew. Go to the section Tricks and tips to reach the link to the demo on how to clean your brushes and pigments.

brush cleanup

A step-by-step demo on how to do a good clean-up of your brushes and palette before Summer.

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