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This section of schedules is only for the type SESSION wich is given in 6 or 7 afternoons of 3.5 hours each spanning on as many afternoons.
The price will be for the 6 periods session 200$ and the 7 periods 230$ 
for  the schedule for the Summer intensive-workshops of 3 full days, go the menu on the left with the same title 

for details and a confirmation, please write at 

prices for different courses

I think my school is among the finest for its quality and devotion. I take great pride in assuring that everyone progresses well in a confortable setting. I go to great lenght to make sure that everyone is satisfied of my teaching. You have noticed my generosity in my website, well it is the same in my classes, and because there are only 4 per group, my assistance is never waited upon.   

For info; please write at;


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