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close-up simply Gabrielle
simply Gabrielle

Watercolor is perfect for depicting a subject without a lot of details in the background. The center of interest is Gabrielle's smile looking at the mouvement of the water in the pail.

There is no horizon line, the blue of the water melts into the white of the paper. The photograph shows Gabrielle in a white t-shirt, a white hat with coloured motifs and a big rock in the back. Not revelent to add the rocks and details of prints in her hat, they only create distraction from the action.

Here we can see a slight smile on her mouth and her eye looking at the water, her hair all undone, the sun on the shape of her hat and a light shadow from the hat on her head and face. In the photograph, her face was darkened by her hat; I lightened it and put a cast shadow on her head and face to create glow.

Her cheeks are more pink than normal to show her yougn age and their round shape.